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3631 Municipal Drive
McHenry, IL 60050
Phone: (815) 788-7190
Fax: (800) 884-1732

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Welcome to
Goodhope Healthcare & Home Health Services, Inc.

Goodhope Healthcare & Home Health Services, Inc. offers home health programs that give support services to clients with injuries, disabilities, challenges with elderly living and chronic illnesses.   We provide nursing care, therapy services and aide services. Our staff also includes medical social workers who can help clients and their families in coping with difficulties and stresses as they manage their health in a home setting.

Today, Home Health Care has become a popular choice for many American households.  In the state of Illinois alone, there is a large part of the population that opted for home health because of the convenience factors it offers.  It is also more affordable compared to hospital confinement or admission into a nursing facility.   Best of all, home health care allows the patients to be closer to family – which we have known, from experience, to considerably improve the responsiveness of clients to health treatments.

Good hope healthcare is there at every step of your recovery, with home care you have your private doctor, nurse, therapy and social worker at the comfort of your home with all your health needs met, your privacy maintained and best of all you decide on what you want. Statistics have shown that patients recover faster at home than in the hospital.

You can defy health issues.  Everyone is capable of it.   While you may not find this to be possible right now, you will change your mind, once you are given the support of able care professionals who seek ways to give you comfort and care in your own home. If you are home-bound due to health issues, Home Health Care is the right path for you to take.  Call (815) 788-7190 now to request for services.

We are in the business of home health care because we genuinely care.  Our combined experiences have made us more determined to serve those in need of supportive care at home.  Find out more about our services ».

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We ease your struggles and ensure your health at home. Choosing home health for the home-bound can be the better option for you and your family.

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